Establishment of Provincial House Community Extension @ # 16 Maginoo St., Quezon City ( Philippines)

On February 9, 2017 at about 5 pm, Epifania Bauto and Alma Miranda with Alicia Blanquisco started bringing some things into the house at 16 Maginoo St. The adjacent building was meant for the PH Community extension. 

On February 10 @ 9:30am, Epifania and Alma went back to Maginoo with Rona, our pre-novice, to fix the house and prepare for the blessing which was set for the next day. They brought things that are still lacking and needed in the house like bed, native divider for the chapel, gas tank, etc.  Later in the afternoon, Paz Banaria extended a helping hand. They were preparing everything for the following day’s mass and blessing and formal transfer of the two.

February 11, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, at 9 am a Eucharistic Celebration was held in the house of Quejada Family. The couple was very happy and excited to have the Eucharist celebrated in their house. Alice made a brief introduction, citing the blessings we received and the reasons for the celebration. She also announced that the community agreed in consensus to name the house after St. Joseph for which reason our Congregation was chosen to be the Donee; hence, the house is called Tahanang San Jose (St. Joseph House). The Celebration of the Eucharist and the house blessing, both officiated by an Indian Claretian priest, Fr. Sebastian, highlighted the establishment of the PH Community Extension and the formal moving in of the two sisters who would stay in said house.  



The blessing of the house followed right after the Eucharistic Celebration. At Quejadas’ request, the big house where they are residing was blest, too. The event was attended by quite a big number of sisters from the Luzon Cluster.


The event was very meaningful, joyful, grace-filled, and familial.  A simple merienda of bihon pancit with puto and drinks was served.  Everybody was very happy and grateful for the graced moment.   After the whole affair Epifania and Alma remained to settle in their new dwelling for the first night. Was it a coincidence that a small image of our Lady of Lourdes was the one posted at the door of the house since its construction, to welcome them?

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