Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Religious Consecration of Epifania Rivera Bauto, ssj (March 4, 1967- March 4, 2017)

March 4, Saturday! Golden Jubilee Celebration of the religious consecration of Epifania R. Bauto of the Provincial House Community. At 10:30 a.m., guests, relatives, sisters, friends and benefactors gathered at the Provincial House Chapel, very well decorated with flowers and the tagalog phrase “Dakilang Pasasalamat”, where the mass was offered by Rev. Fr. Luciano Pili of St. Joseph Seminary. Epifania did the introduction giving a beautiful acknowledgement of the wonders of God’s fidelity which has kept her all these 50 years of her religious life. After the reading of the Gospel, she made a renewal of her vows kneeling in front of the altar in the presence of all those in attendance. Fr. Luciano gave a fitting homily based on the readings chosen by Epifania herself. Epifania, later, beautifully sang a thanksgiving song “Lord, Here I Am” which touched the hearts of all those present. A simple power-point presentation tracing her life during those 50 years climaxed the Eucharistic celebration.

A festive lunch was served for everybody highlighted by the presence of Dr. and Mrs. Quejada, donors of the house at Maginoo St., where the extended Provincial House Community members: Epifania and Alma Miranda, live.

Before the end of the gathering, Milagros did some announcements for the information of those present.

Very early at 5:30 a.m. a group of sisters left the Provincial House in two cars on the way to Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, the birthplace of Epifania Bauto. To celebrate her Golden Anniversary of consecration, the family took effort to give their share of the celebration in their own local place. The sisters: Milagros Maravilla, Marcelina Sta. Cruz, Paz Banaria, Angelina Gergil Lucidos, Belinda Sangalang, Delia Labay, Alma Miranda, Concepcion Cañonero, Ma. Gloria Gustilo, Raquel Pacaigue and Alicia Blanquisco arrived at the Parish Church of Zaragoza at 8:00 a.m. where Epifania and Luzviminda Cordero who went the day before, were waiting with her family and the church people. They were warmly welcomed and were led inside the Church for the First Sunday of Lent mass. As previously planned, the Siervas were given 15 minutes to introduce the Congregation to all those present. Epifania and Raquel Pacaigue, representing the group, did a kind of vocation promotion by speaking before everybody at the altar, taking advantage of the opportunity given them. The sisters later, distributed brochures. After the mass, the sisters greeted and thanked the parish priest for this favor.

The group then proceeded to the house of Epifania in town, for breakfast. Lunch was later served in the farm where the Rivera and Bauto clans were gathered to celebrate, in thanksgiving, the life of fidelity lived in response to God’s love of Epifania.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS EPPIE ... may your smile continue to inspire others, bringing the joy that flows from within to others. You have shared with us your gifts like freshness of the flowers on the altar during your renewal. MAY YOU ALWAYS BE IMPASSIONED by the colors of Creation.

  2. We are, indeed, so happy for you and rejoice with you, our dearest Eppie. God is truly so good and your life manifests so many expressions of His goodness to all of us, like a garden with different varieties of leaves, flowers and colors. Continue experiencing God as unconditional love, unchangeable goodness and enduring fidelity. As our NAZARETH JOURNEY continues, rest assured of our warmest love and most fervent prayers for you… Pray for us, too! CONGRATULATIONS!

    WE LOVE YOU- Mag, Glo, Nutz, Annie, Edith, Judy, Dally, Vangie and Joy