CATHOLIC WOMEN RELIGIOUS TAKE ON THE MEDIA (A Sharing from Conference of Women Religious of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea) - Sr Basilia Logasae MSI and Sr. Veronica Paison DW

A Media Camp for the Conference of Women Religious of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby was conducted at St Joseph’s International College on 10th and 11th June, 2017. Seventeen enthusiastic religious women belonging to seven different congregations participated in this two-day event.

The program was organized by Sr. Bridgit Suvakeen, MSI and coordinated by CBC SOCOM and Youth Secretary, Fr. Ambrose Pereira, sdb, together with Mr. Ian Zuasula, Miss Cecilia Amala and Mrs. Sheryll Isoaimo. The camp took on the theme the 51st World Communications Day: “Fear not I am with you (Is 43:5) Communicating Hope and Trust in our time.”

The first day began on a high note. In his opening remarks to the participants, Fr. Pereira outlined the objectives for the Media Camp. “The media communicates, educates, elevates and inspires its audience. At this media Camp we shall analyse an issue that we are passionate about, and then present it through a poster, photograph and our newsletter,” he said. He then led the first session, making the participants reflect on how the television, radio and webpages can be used to communicate a message that they are passionate about using the Problem Tree analysis method. The participants identified root causes and the effects of societal issues such as lack of vocations, cult groups, broken families and lack of Christian values.

Mr. Ian Zuasula presented camera basics and gave the participants an understanding of how to take better pictures. Using examples from secular media, Miss Cecilia Amala gave guidelines to the participants on how to present an issue through an attractive poster. The sisters then practiced the skills they had learnt.

On the second day, the participants were challenged to communicate a message that they are passionate about. “We have moved from the old world of receiving news, to a world where everybody is invited to contribute by giving and receiving,” said Fr. Pereira. “Don’t just get information, but give a witness by your own example”, added Fr Pereira.

The session on writing news articles was presented by Mrs. Sheryll Isoaimo. She discussed the 5 W’s and 1 H of a news article and how to write them. Mr. Ian then presented the anatomy of a newsletter enabling the participants grasp the layout of a newsletter. Practical sessions enabled the participants to practice what they have learnt. They worked in small groups to write articles and lay them out in their own newsletters trying to beat the deadline.

The Catholic Religious Women enjoyed the creative learning experience. “It is essential to keep the message short, sharp and clear”, said Sr. Belinda Yande, DW. “I need to pay attention to the pictures, images and words”, said Sr. Monica Moreno, SSJ. “Careful listening is important and essential”, said Sr. Rosell Ramirez, SSJ. “I will put the techniques learnt into practice,” said Sr. Marie Turner, DW.

The participants are grateful to Fr. Paul Jennings for the use of the conference hall and the different facilities at St. Joseph’s International School, Port Moresby.

Fr. Ambrose Pereira, sdb

CBC Secretary for Communications and Youth

Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu, Papua New Guinea

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