INTERCULTURAL and INTERGENERATIONAL GATHERING … with the theme Thank you Lord is the closing celebration of the 3 in 1 moment for the Holy Family Province. Though much preparations were made by the different communities, they began the ‘light’ and recreational time for bonding through practices of the presentations and the sharing by stages (according to the stages in the Formative Itinerary) of the symbol to present their respective stage. This sharing was done during lunch of the 27th of July while the practices were held on free times during the said 3 in 1 moment.

With much excitement and eagerness, with food from PNG, Vietnam and Philippines awaiting all during the afternoon snacks, the sisters gathered at 4pm at the dining room and after which everyone proceeded to the Madres Mayores Sala and started the most awaited thanksgiving celebration. 

Master of Ceremony: Dahlia and Wilma


A. Opening Song: I want to Thank you Lord (group singing) 

B. Interculturality

· Creative entrance of the different communities 

· Cultural Presentations typical of the place where every community comes from

C. Intergenerational

· Creative sharing of the symbols by each stage 

· Remembering our sisters who have shared their gifts as persons especially Bea, Tele and Ma. Flora … singing of the song: Impossible Dream

· Psalm: God of the Journey by each stage

· Closing Song: “Hoy Señor te damos gracias” and group expression of appreciation for our sisters in the Wisdom Stage by all

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