It was, indeed, a wonderful occasion for the Holy Family Province to celebrate on December 18, 2014, in its respective clusters/communities-taller, the 115th death anniversary of Fr. Butiña, SJ and the first renewal of vows of the five juniors who are assigned in the different c-ts of Luzon and Visayas-Vietnam clusters.

In LUZON CLUSTER the Eucharistic celebration was held at 5:30 pm in the Provincial House chapel. During the mass, Sr. Theresa Luu Tuong Vy made her first renewal of vows. 

Added to the meaningful celebration was the reading by Sr. Milagros Maravilla, SSJ of the personal and very loving and encouraging letter of Fr. Butiña addressed to each Sierva de San Jose. 

A hearty dinner followed during which the novices and pre-novices (Phases 1 & 2) rendered a song and a dance dedicated to Sr. Vy.
The TPMBI residents gave their tribute to Fr. Butiña through their compositions (songs and symbolic drawing) 

The residents sang also their Christmas Carols in thanksgiving for all the love and help the sisters have given them. C-T Murphy joined in their singing.

As preparation for the celebration of the 115th death anniversary of Fr. Butiña, CT ILOILO together with Holy Family Home residents, made a three-day triduum in his honor with the theme “Love is the best teacher for all that is good.” 

On the feast day itself, a thanksgiving mass was held at the dormitory’s chapel at 5:30 pm. 

What made the event more meaningful and joyful was the first renewal of vows of Rochelle Repaso.  

The dormitory ladies actively participated in the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist and were very enthusiastic to witness the renewal ceremony. Inspired by this renewal, a number of them expressed to Sr. Rochelle to wait for them.  

After the mass, the traditional celebration of the Christmas party followed.  Everybody enjoyed the fun and excitement of the triple event.

C-T SILAY started the day with a meaningful morning prayer, uniting themselves with all the Siervas de San Jose and Hijas de San Jose the world over. The letter of Fr. Francisco Butiña added flavor to the celebration as each one of them prayerfully opened, read and savored each of his word to her. It really touched their hearts that their experiences of listening to themselves from within flowed as they shared their sentiments during the morning meal. The C-T’s celebration was high-lighted with a Eucharistic celebration participated by all the STA students and some of their parents, teachers and staff, Talleres de Nazaret-Silay Workers, and the Lay Josephines, wherein they witnessed the launching of The Year of The Founder...

 ...and the renewal of vows of the two Vietnamese sisters, Bui Thi Thien and Nguyen Thi Kim Thi who also shared with them a Vietnamese song, as their thanksgiving for God's fidelity and love for them.

The whole day became a big celebration for the STA family for the students' Christmas party followed after the mass.

C-T CEBU celebrated the 115th Death Anniversary of Fr. Francisco Butiña, S.J and the first Renewal of Vows of Sr. Teresa Nguyen Thi Bich Huyen, SSJ in the Holy Eucharist with the theme:  “Love is the best teacher of all that is good.” 

It was graced with the presence of  C-T Cebu members, TDNC co-workers/collaborators, neighbors, friends and some men workers doing iron works for  the gate and the back iron - window. The Introduction of the mass included the short biography of the life of Fr. Butiña, SJ to introduce him to those who scarcely know him as the co-founder of the SSJ. The priest presider shared a very profound homily centered on the person of Butiña, his life and mission and his legacy to the Siervas de San Jose. He congratulated the sisters for the powerful intercession of God through Fr. Butiña, through the renewal of vows of Sr. Teresa Nguyen Bich Huyen. 

Who would ever think that the congregation would have members from a communist stronghold like Vietnam if not for God’s power and design.  After the renewal of vows, he read the Letter of Fr. Butinya to the SSJ sisters. This drew some emotional response and feelings of gratitude to our dear father Founder. Being faithful to the cost-cutting measures, the celebration ended with a simple dinner which served as the sisters and workers’ Christmas party.

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