What a joyful and meaningful celebration of the feast of the Holy Family we had! Thanks to the concerted efforts of the members of the Family Day Committee who spearheaded all the preparation and delegation of the tasks, as well as the participation and cooperation of the sisters and their family members. Yes! It was really great to bond with one’s family members together with the family members of the other sisters in the communities-taller on this occasion of the feast of the Family of families- the Holy Family in Nazareth.

The celebration started with the registration at 8:30 am and concluded with the closing prayer at 4:00 pm. All of us went home with a very big smile in our faces and in our hearts looking forward for the next gathering in the future…

The highlights of the celebration were the following:

o    Opening prayer prepared by the pre-novices.
o  Viewing of a 20-minute-video documentation on the life of Fr. Butiña
o   Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Ronnie, the nephew of Sr. Paz and the renewal of vows by   all the sisters who were present. It happened after the Gospel reading.
o   Lunch with the family members. The sisters were also going around greeting the other sisters’ family members.
o   Harana for a cause III-Carolling. This is a fund raising project for the needs of the Formation Program. Before the Harana, a short power-point presentation regarding the life and mission of the congregation was presented so that the family members will know more about the congregation and will be more inspired to donate to the formation fund.
o   Sharing of talents by the family members through songs, dances and playing of musical instruments
o   Games

2 comentarios:

  1. Hi, sisters! Thanks for sharing how you celebrated the feast of the Holy Family with our families. From the video you posted and the photos in Facebook, I saw how everyone enjoyed the day.
    Happy New Year everyone! May the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life help us to discover anew the gift of our vocation and to live it fully, impassioned with God and with humanity.

  2. ¡Qué bonita fiesta! Gracias por hacernos partícipes de ella, de alguna manera. Me ha gustado mucho reconocer a muchas hermanas y también los espacios de celebración.

    Muy unida a todas vosotras en este comienzo de año, en que deseo LO MEJOR a toda la Provincia