Yen and Wilma's First Profession

"Convoked by the Spirit, we are called to live in community the following of Jesus in Nazareth and to make present the Reign of God among the poor according to the Charism received from our Founders."  (Const. #24)

The celebration of the 111th Death Anniversary of St. Bonifacia was the day of First Profession of Sr. Maria Vu Thi Yen,SSJ and Sr. Wilma Kepa, SSJ and the renewal of vows of Srs. Regina Pinuela, SSJ and Anna Teresa Ha Thi Thiet, SSJ at San Roque Parish, Barangka St., Mandaluyong City.  This graced moment was attended by parents of Wilma -- Noel and Rosalia Kepa and the father of Yen  Van Hoc and her brother Tien Van, sisters from the different communities representing all clusters of the Province, the Talleres workers of Mandaluyong, Lay Josephines and friends.  Fr. Nonong Pili was the main presider with Fr. Gerry, CMF and Fr. Dominique (guest priest of the parish) as concelebrants.  The choir was composed of sisters and Talleres workers led by the CT Rosario (Pre-Novitiate House).  All these made the celebration solemn, meaningful and festive ... 

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY ... it is indeed Good News to have our family growing in number, proclaiming the compassion and mercy of God as one BIG COMMUNITY.

"Thank you to all your support, love and prayers ... please continue to pray for us to remain faithful to our commitment and burning intensely for the building of the Reign of God in the Poor Working World."  (Wilma and Yen)

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