Dec. 25, 2017 – A SHINING DAY

Doorbell kept ringing continuously as we welcomed a number of visitors in our small Community-Taller Rosario.  Children came with their parents, thinking perhaps of a dish of spaghetti, rice or gifts. We gave them formation, introduced Jesus in the manger and integrated the care for our mother earth.

While the previous group was still inside, the other group was lining up outside. It was such a great blessing which drew us back to Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago. As baby Jesus, with His parents Mary and Joseph, in all their mild and meekness welcoming the poor shepherds with all that they had, Baby Jesus, with His graceful smile, stretched out His arms to the poor people in Rosario who came to Him with the smell of their sweat, and smell of garbage in spite of the best clothes they wore and of course… with empty stomach. Catholics and Muslim kids came around.

Sr. Felma taught them how to pray. Yet, let us see how this little girl teaches us to pray with all her innocent heart.

People were happy for they had tasted Christmas from the small gifts they received from us. More than them, we were so happy to get in contact with them for  further formation sessions for the would-be SSJ/LJ  aspirants held here every month.


The “Year of the Parish” had ended but the spirit of Christmas gathered us again during the Christmas celebration in the parish. This was the big opportunity for us to immerse ourselves with the lay persons in the different ministries in the parish, to know them and to be known as their parish co-workers. We were able to interact well with one another especially during the games, agape, raffle, dance and gift exchange. The celebration truly brought us closer to one another as one family of God.

It was tiring but the joy we received through these encounters were opportunities for us to get in touch with the reality here, especially for the three of us, Srs. Volly, Felma and Bich Anh, who enjoyed our first Christmas here in ROSARIO, CAVITE, PHILIPPINES.

Prepared by:

Bich Anh (pre-novice)

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