Talleres de Nazaret Coordinating Teams Assembly (Holy Family Province, Philippines)

The Sisters involved in the Taller Nazareth Apostolate together with the Coordinating Team of the different Talleres de Nazaret Centers (from Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Cebu and Silay) gathered last January 17-19, 2018 at the SSJ Provincial House Conference room in Quezon City. This gathering aimed to:

a. discuss the revisions to be made on the Talleres de Nazaret Manual 2011

b. improve and strengthen the interconnection of the different Talleres centers through an increased sense of unity among us: through the practice of the principles of the Organic Model of Governance, WE ARE ONE TALLER IN VARIED PLACES, and

c. rekindle the implications of working in the Taller, that is, encountering God in our work as the deeper intentionality of Work. 

During the first and second day of our encounter, Atty. Nick Barriatos, a Labor Lawyer and a good friend of the SSJ accompanied the process of reviewing the revisions made on the Talleres Manual. One of the significant aspects tackled was the role and duties of the Coordinating Team, emphasizing on its collegiality in supporting the Taller Coordinator in the management of the particular Talleres de Nazaret. After the clarifications and discussions which lasted until the beginning part of the third day, the revisions made in the manual were accepted through consensus by each of the members of the Coordinating Team (sisters and lay). As such, the manual is ready to be presented to the other co-workers of the Taller. 

Around ten in the morning of the third day, Fr. Alfred Maravilla, SDB, nephew of Milagros Maravilla, SSJ and an alumnus of Sta. Teresita Academy, gave a talk on the Spirituality of Work which ended in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. He challenged us to do our work with right intention, to give value to our work and to grow in our relationship with God.

The afternoon session of the third day was a Workshop on the Standard Operating Procedures and the OMG principles with Jennifer Uy, SSJ. Each Taller Coordinating Team made and presented their own Flow of Operation based on their respective realities and practices in the Taller. Through the presentation of the principles of OMG, the group recognized the need to improve some aspects of the Operation Process, the need to responsibly work with one another based on the different tasks involved and the significance of communication and information. As such, each team was invited to evaluate, analyze and re-plan their Standard Operation Process and to work as a Team in the respective Taller, interconnected / interdependent with the other Talleres centers, guided by the OMG principles. 

Indeed, it was a fruitful encounter for all of us! A significant step towards the empowerment and collaboration of the SSJ and co-workers for growth!

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